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  • September 27, 2018
  • What To Know And Understand About Bail Bonding

    In order for you to be out of jail after being charged with a crime, you will need to post the bail that is set by the court, and be free about as the proceedings will commence until the verdict is reached.

    Bail is the required money or property that is set and accepted by the court to release a defendant from jail temporarily, and a bail bond is a sort of agreement made between the defendant or surety and the court for the defendant to comply with the court dates set otherwise the bail will be forfeited.

    After the initial trial is done that will entail the next series of hearings, the court will usually set a high amount of bail this is to guarantee that the defendant will commit to appearing on court dates and not take lightly the charges and disappear.

    When the bail amount is determined, the defendant or the surety may then proceed with processing in posting bail, where they will be given a receipt for it to determine that the bail posting is completed and the defendant can then go out of jail bringing the commitment to keep his part of the agreement on court dates.

    In the event that the defendant misses a court date, a forfeiture hearing is set together with a warrant of arrest, and on the hearing the defendant is given a chance to explain for missing a date, and still in failure to appear in this hearing, the bond is kept by the court, and is non refundable.

    A defendant can somehow access to get bond through the help of bail bondsmen, where in most cases 10% of the amount is what they get as a profit for providing the bail money, this will also include having collateral as a hold for payment.

    Some other form of securing bail money may include cash bond, signature bond, or property bond and all that have certain requirements and you will have to determine as to which is best suited for you and your needs according to your capacity as well.

    Once all is set, you can get a citation release, and you have to understand all the imposed additional conditions, and you also must be fully aware of all the consequences in the event of failure to meet the requirements and appear on your scheduled court dates.

    You are posting bail is something of a privilege that you can get to be able to go about and do your thing as the progress of your case is on, so be responsible as well.

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